The International Forum for Responsible Tourism, the 4th edition

The concept of responsible tourism was introduced on the Romanian public agenda through the Forum for Responsible Tourism by the Amphiteatre Foundation, in 2012. At its 4th edition, the event presented a consistent agenda, and well-established speakers.

Bucharest, May 2017 – The Amphiteatre Foundation organized the fourth edition of the IFRT. The theme was “Responsible tourism in urban spaces: the identities and experiences of the metropolis”. The event is part of a bigger programme dedicated to the concept of responsible tourism in Romania. The next edition will take place in November 2017.

The Forum gathered 200 participants: representatives of national and local authorities, professionals in creative industries, tourism and urbanism, influencers, project developers, entrepreneurs with solid results in developing and selling goods and services specific to responsible tourism.

This edition gathered diverse points of view, case studies, good practice at a national and European level, each and every being argued in favor of identity consolidation with the goal of sustainable development. Thus reaching concrete solutions to our approach, highly relevant for promoters, entrepreneurs, and communities.

O community enhances its attractions on the basis of its members’ satisfaction with life.         “In loco” consumption through tourism becomes more and more important in the context of globalization. Creative businesses which make use of local resources, innovation and research, entrepreneurs’ ingenuity influence communities’ sustainable development. Development based on identities is considered an alternative route of welfare and social balance, especially for territories with underdeveloped, abandoned, or ruined industries.

A category of intelligent entrepreneurs with creative businesses and a range of cultural and moral values is being consolidated right now. These people base their relationship with the community on an acknowledged responsibility. Local entrepreneurs’ development is vital for communities’ sustainable evolution, including raising their standard of living and their hospitality.

There are currently being configured the role and place of classic mechanisms in the way of creating and commercializing of the touristic product on the basis of new technologies, of communications, of transportation and debureaucratization.

Globalization brought the idea that local products, goods, and services are special because they come from a culture or a region. These are perceived as an intrinsic value by those who demand them. Such a change in the paradigm of consumption encourages communities to give goods and services a personal touch – which only gives them a competitive advantage. Strategies which fail to include the spirit of the place remain mere formal documents, with no connections, whatsoever, to the new trend in global tourism.

Relevant answers were given through the following participants’ presentations: Aurel Borșan – the president of the Amphiteatre Foundation, Ioan Cristescu – the president of the National Museum of the Romanian Literature, Daniel Tudorache – the mayor of the Sector 1, Mihaela Toader – General Director for the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds, Maurizio Davolio – the president of the IART (Italian Association for Responsible Tourism) & EARTH (European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality), Alexandru Rafael Constantinescu – NECSTour (Network of European Regions for a Sustainable and Competitve Tourism, Bruxelles), Cosmin Dragomir – Founder of GastroArt, Orsolya Juhasz-Borsa – Ozosep gastro-cultural fair, Cofounder Sekler Food Company, Cristian Neagoe – Cofounder & Curator, Street Delivery, Dragoș Gurăroșie – Founder of Mixtopia, BurgerFest/ Bucharest Craft Beer, Mihai Deneș – Vicepresident of the Association of the Real VeloFriends, Olivian Mircea – Mestesukar BoutiQ, Ion Borșan – Merg.in/ Walk&Shoot, Adrian Câtu – Founder of Documentaria, George Butunoiu – Founder of Restocracy, Anda Maxim –Pura Vida Hostels, Gabriela Solomon – My Secret Romania, Constantin Șerban – The Ecologic Association Green Tourism, Munteanu Dumitru Florin – the Association of Professionals in Centres for Touristic Information, Crista Buznea – Marketing Manager and Responsible Tourism Specialist, TUI UK&Ireland, Gabriela Enescu – Managing Partner Expremio, Mihai Panfil – Managing Partner Origo, Marilena Stoian – Fondator ANTREC, Iulian Canov – Wolfhouse Production/ La firul ierbii, Andrei Borțun – Founder of The Institute, Romanian Design Week, DIPLOMA, George Brezoi – Chief Office, The Office for small and medium enterprises, Corina Folescu – Consultant on European Funding, the Amphiteatre Foundation.

The event was organized in partnership with the 1st District City Hall, the National Museum of the Romanian Literature, and powered by Golden Tulip Times Hotel, Origo Coffee, Lulu’s Social Bistro, J’ai Bistrot, Histria Winery, Gastromedia, Perfect Travel, Touristic Romania, Merg.in.

The Amphiteatre Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, founded in 2000. Its activity has constantly developed and adapted, becoming an umbrella for over 150 cultural, educational, scientific, touristic, health-related, social, and dealing with environmental protection programmes. Nowadays the Amphiteatre Foundation develops programmes, projects and partnerships locally, nationally, and internationally, with the aim of affirming communities’ anthropic and natural resources.